Russell Stagg - Abuse/Assault
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying, ON)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC)

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* Newly relocated to London, ON
* New clients welcome
* Fees based on ability to pay where cost is an issue
* Online counselling available.

Sexual abuse & assault

Whether you realize it or not, your victimization gave you devastating messages you tell yourself every time you feel worthless or damaged. Every time you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, or PTSD. Every time you get victimized.

My person-centred approach means I do my utmost to experience your situation as if it were my own. I also use the techniques of cognitive-behavioural therapy to challenge and overcome toxic thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. Please know I won’t push you to revisit the past. The aim of therapy is to avoid revisiting the past! And if you've been struggling with PTSD or repeated bouts of depression, I will introduce you to the healing techniques of mindfulness.

My specialty is trauma (including sexual trauma), and I have published articles on the subject (including an invited article) in major psychological journals. Here's what I have to say about EMDR.

Evening appointments are available, and I also counsel online.