Russell Stagg

Registered Psychotherapist (ON)
Licensed Counselling Therapist (NB)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC)

Sexual abuse & sexual assault therapy
Online/phone - Canada (except Quebec), UK, Australia
I am in Saint John, NB, Canada

I'm an expert on trauma recovery

I'm Russell Stagg, a trauma therapist specializing in sexual abuse and sexual assault. I've written about trauma for major psychology journals, and I'm a former hospital chaplain for the Emergency, Intensive Care, and Burn Units. If you're dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse or sexual assault, I believe I can help you.
I use the most effective therapies, not the trendy ones

It's highly probable you're suffering from PTSD, or at the very least, post-traumatic stress. I use the most effective therapies, not the trendy ones, and I base my PTSD approach on the strong recommendations of the American Psychological Association.

I start with a person-centred approach, which means I do my utmost to experience your situation as if it were my own. Then I use the techniques of cognitive-behavioural therapy to challenge and overcome toxic thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. I won't push you to revisit the past: the aim of therapy is to avoid reliving the past.

If you've been struggling with PTSD or repeated bouts of depression, I may also introduce you to the healing techniques of mindfulness. Used with caution, it can be a valuable tool. More

Photo courtesy: Norm Wolf, Chinook Photography