Trauma therapy
Trauma, PTSD,
sexual abuse, & sexual assault

Russell Stagg MA MC LCT RP
I'm Russell Stagg, and I've been in practice for more than ten years. I've written about trauma for major psychology journals, and I'm a former hospital chaplain for the Emergency, Intensive Care, and Burn Units. My research has been cited almost 4,000 times in academic papers.

If you're dealing with past trauma, you can't heal on your own. You need help, and I believe I can help you.

Before we go further, know I only counsel people online. If you prefer in-person appointments, that's great, but I can't help you.

I am in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I have master's degrees in counselling psychotherapy and Jewish studies (chaplaincy); and I counsel people in Canada (except Quebec), the UK, and Australia.