Russell Stagg

Registered Psychotherapist (ON)
Licensed Counselling Therapist (NB)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC)

Online/phone from Saint John, NB, Canada
Serving Canada (except Quebec), UK, Australia

I'm Russell Stagg, and I help people with issues such as depression, addiction, or relationship problems. Some of my clients have experienced bullying, domestic violence, or the trauma of leaving an abusive religion. My specialty is trauma, particularly sexual abuse and sexual assault, and I have written on the subject for major psychology journals.

In working with individuals, I developed my person-centred approach as the Jewish chaplain for the University of Calgary and as the interfaith resident chaplain for the Emergency, Intensive Care, and Burn Units at Calgary Foothills Hospital. It means I do my utmost to experience your situation as if it were my own.

Then I use the techniques of cognitive-behavioural therapy to challenge and overcome toxic thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. And if you've been struggling with PTSD or repeated bouts of depression, I may introduce you to the healing techniques of mindfulness. Used with caution, it can be a useful tool.

When I work with couples, I focus on the powerful emotions underneath your anger. Sharing and acknowledging those emotions can actually bring you closer, rather than driving you apart.

Day and evening appointments are available.
Photo courtesy: Norm Wolf, Chinook Photography